Target Your Highest Value Finance Prospects With Facebook Ads

Reach and convert more of your most valuable finance leads and customers on Facebook and Messenger
Facebook PPC Management For Financial Services & FinTech

Facebook PPC Advertising

Facebook advertising is more powerful and versatile than ever.  Fill the top of your marketing funnel with new lookalike audiences that share similar attributes to your highest value clients and customers. 

Retarget previous visitors with custom audiences based on their online behaviours. For example, time spent on site or pages they've visited. Or how long someone's watched your video on Facebook. The options are virtually limitless.

Messenger PPC Advertising

Messenger ads are the perfect vehicle for delivering personalised, natural conversations with your target audience at scale. Use Destination ads to provide customer support inside the app, then present unmissable offers to prospects in the messenger home tab.

Your Facebook PPC Account Management Includes:

  • Facebook & Messenger PPC Options
  • Real-time business KPI dashboards
  • CRM integrations (one time setup fee may apply)
  • Custom audience retargeting from CRM data
  • Ongoing bid management
  • Lead, video, carousel and other ad options
  • Weekly management reports
  • Lookalike audience building
  • A/B/x split testing of image ads
  • Device bidding
  • Form, phone & offline conversion tracking

HOW you benefit

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Continuous Optimization

We continuously test every part of the marketing funnel to ensure you get premium quality GDPR compliant leads at a fantastic ROI.

Scaleable Lead Gen

Start from as little as 50 leads a week. Scale up to higher volumes at a predictable ROI as you grow.

Segmented For Quality

Benefit from advanced segmenting strategies that build and target your most valuable audiences. So you receive the highest quality leads.

Just some of our clients

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"I have been working in partnership with Acquire for a number of years now and I cannot thank them enough for continuously delivering the required numbers for our marketing campaigns." 

"Would recommend to any business wanting to grow their business online"

David Hamblett - Founder, New Wave Financial Services Ltd

Landing Page Case Study

Discover how our bespoke landing page design helped Simply Adverse increase their website conversion rate by 115% whilst decreasing their cost per lead by over 30%.
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